Bring the Living Room Outside!

My patio has become my favorite room in the house. It’s the perfect spot to have coffee in the morning, read a book or just relax at the end of the day.

Today, we have some amazing gardeners showing off their Outdoor Living Spaces and giving you some great ideas. Please check out Mary Ann from classic • casual • home , Cindy from Rough Luxe , Annie from Most Lovely Things , Karen from Garden, Home & Party and Kerry from Graham Hill Design You will love all the inspiration!

You can easily decorate and create an outdoor living space without spending a lot of money.

  • Create a wall or borders around your space

Plants help create the borders and I’m fortunate to have a wall on one side. I planted a Creeping Fig Plant which adheres very well and it quickly covered my wall with beautiful greenery. If you don’t have a wall, you can use a trellis for this look.

I love having lots of plants on my patio and they can also create an enclosure.

Furniture is another good border to enclose your space. Most of my furniture comes from Flea markets or estate sales. It’s always so fun to find something you really love at a fraction of the cost.

  • Add Comfort

Pillows and blankets always give the cozy homey feels. You can’t have enough pillows for coziness. I use a large white blanket to cover my couch and give it a summer feel. I even add pillows under the blanket to make the seating softer.

  • Add Life to your Space with plants and birds

I love having lots of plants. The corner of my patio is put together with pieces I have collected at flea markets. The old wooden shutter doors give me a great way to display plants. The table top is an old tulip tray that I placed on top of a little table to make the surface bigger.

I created a herb garden from an old drawer lined with burlap. I love having quick access to some of my favorite herbs.

A Hummingbird feeder and birdhouse also bring life by providing a peaceful feeling to your space.

We even have a resident Dove who is caring for her eggs!

One of my newest additions is the “Stay Awhile” Sign from Target. I attached it to an old window (curbside find). It has sort of a vintage feel and I love the simplicity.

And for more Outdoor Living Spaces inspiration…

Please visit these amazing spaces!
Cindy from Rough Luxe








14 thoughts on “Bring the Living Room Outside!

  1. This patio is delightful!! Feels vintage and collected. I love your herb garden, too. Thanks for joining us!
    Mary Ann

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  3. Hi Marie! Your porch looks so pretty and relaxing! I’ve been working on my deck and porch too. I had the most beautiful double impatiens on my porch and a deer ate them 😥. I even caught her red handed today. They’ve never come up on my porch before but this doe thinks she lives here! Hope you are well and enjoying your summer! Love, Regina

    Sent from my iPad


    • Oh my gosh Regina! I love hearing from you and thank you about my porch. Having a deer come up to your porch sounds amazing even though she ate your flowers. I’m doing well. Miss You xoxo

  4. Hi Marie
    Thank you so much for joining us! Your outdoor spaces are so charming. I am coming over with a cup of coffee!

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  6. WHERE DO YOU LIVE?YOUR LOOK is what I use to sell in my SHOP the HEN HOUSE in LAFAYETTE, CALIFORNIA!I want to know how long your creeping FIG TOOK?I planted one to cover the PIZZA OVEN and after three years I AM HAPPY!YOU LOOK LIKE A FUN PERSON!
    I think I will sign up for YOUR BLOG!

    • Hello. I live in Los Angeles. My creeping Fig grew quickly as the base of it is in the sun. However I have one in the shade that is not as happy. Thank you for your sweet comments 😊

  7. Marie
    This space looks so quaint and peaceful!! I’m coming over for a cup of tea 😉. And I love the herb drawer. It looks amazing. Take care xoxo

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