Studio Apartment Layout

My son, Ryan, recently moved into his own apartment. He asked me to help him with the layout. It’s pretty hard to fit everything into such a small space. But I found some great ideas on Pinterest:


He liked this idea of separating the bed from the family room with a tall book shelf.

Here is the space we have to work with:

Studio Apt

This is the layout he went with:

Studio After

Before After Studio Layout

Behind the couch is a walkway and a mirrored glass sliding closet.

Family room

The Dining area – he bought this table set from Target and it’s nice because it has two leafs that can flip up and make it bigger.

dining area Studio Apartment

The Kitchen:

Kitchen Studio Apt

And the Bathroom:

Bath before after

He is pretty happy with how it turned out.

Have a nice day.



2 thoughts on “Studio Apartment Layout

  1. Marie id rather use the windowed side as a living and the other as bedroom…mainly because the air conditioning is in his head!!!

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