Hummingbird Feeder

The best part of my house is the porch. I spend alot of time out here and pretty much do everything on my Porch Rules sign. Every morning I sip my coffee and enjoy watching the hummingbirds. One of my favorite decorations is this feeder. It has a vintage look to it. I saw it on Pinterest and had to get … Continue reading

Lake Rules Sign

Being at the lake means you have to follow all the Lake Rules. I made this sign for my Etsy Store: My inspiration is from a great sign on Etsy that I have admired.

Relax on the Porch

My backyard porch is where I like to relax. The inspiration for it come from ideas I have seen on Pinterest and other blogs. My latest addition is the framed sign that reads “Porch Rules”. I saw this sign on Pinterest and came up with my own version in the 8 x 10 frame on … Continue reading