Day Trip to Carpenteria

Spent the day in Carpenteria, an adorable little coastal town about an hour north of LA. Mark took these cool shots.

Carpenteria Beach Tree

Carpenteria Beach

Love the beach bungalows.

Carpenteria Bungalow


Carpenteria Beach bungalow

Love the sweet little downtown.

Carpenteria downtown

And the vintage shops.

Carpenteria Vintage Shop

Scrabble necklace

Carpenteria vintage tablecloth

Cuteness overload!

Carpenteria California Flag


Carpenteria Palm Trees

Aaah…. I love being close to the ocean.



Sea Glass and Sea Fan

On my recent trip to Crystal Cove I was lucky to find some sea glass and sea fans.

Following-friends Sea Fan Sea Glass

This sea fan was dried out and flattened between two books. I sprayed the cork black and glued the fan into the cork. My little glass bottle is from the dollar store and I put my sea glass inside it.

DIY Sea Fan


I hope you are having a nice weekend.

Fresh Flowers

My good friend gave this idea for a nice flower arrangement. I put the flowers in 3 recycled jars (like a peanut butter jar and a salsa jar). Then I used this wire basket to put them in or you can use any basket. The flowers are from my yard and are roses, status, geranium, bougainvillea and purple and white irises. Mark took this pretty photo with his  GH4 camera.

GH4 Flowers Photo

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.



Pretty Hummingbird

Mark took a cool video of our favorite hummingbird that you can view on Vimeo.

Hummingbird closeup still

For the hummingbird food, I use a very simple recipe.  I don’t use red food coloring because I heard it’s not good for the little birds.

4 cups water

1 cup Sugar

Bring to a boil and then let it cool. Fill your hummingbird feeder. Mine is from Osh. I put the excess hummingbird food in one of my Jar Toppers from Lindsay.

I hope you have a nice week.