My Favorite Things 2014

Can’t have too many favorite things. Here are 10 of mine.

1. The Vitamix – The soups are easy, delicious and healthy.



2. I adore this pretty sea glass necklace from Laguna Beachcomber on ETSY.
Seaglass Necklace

3. This is a really good book
Street Cat named Bob


4. My i Pad


5. My favorite healthy dessert is these Dole Frozen bananas. I get them at Costco.

6. I love this pillow from Apple White on ETSY

Bicycle Pillow on Etsy

7. World Market has a very nice smelling hand cream for only $4.99.

Lilac Blossom
8. This white throw from Ikea is so cozy and priced at only 29.99. I used it for a Christmas tree skirt in my bedroom.

 Ikea Throw Following-friends Blog

9. This video on You Tube taught me how to apply mascara.

10. Bath and Body Works 3 wick candle makes my whole house smell good.


To see my favorites from 2013, you can click here.

I hope you have a Happy Day.



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