Animal Topped Mason Jars

This is a fun cute idea for doggie treats. Lindsay made this and it is so nice to keep the treats fresh and designate them as dog food, not people food. She saw the idea on Pinterest and just spray painted the plastic doggie and the lid, then super glued it to the top. You can get the mason jars for about $1.50 at World Market or even just use one from your kitchen cabinet like a spaghetti sauce jar. The doggie is from Party City, but can be found at many stores.

Dog Treats Mason Jar

Dog Treats Mason Jar 2

You can also do them with different colors and animals like these gold ones she made and will use in her office for supplies. I love the elephant.

Elephant on Mason Jar

Animals on Mason Jars

Mason Jars in Office

I hope you have a nice week.

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